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1828 to 1945

1828 to 1945

Created in 1828 by Joseph Kuhn as a modest village forge, KUHN was an early specialist in the production of scales and weighing apparatus. A major change took place in 1864 when, taking full advantage of the opening of the new Paris-Strasbourg railway line and the exceptional period of prosperity in France at that time, Joseph Kuhn moved to Saverne to start a factory for producing agricultural machinery.

In the early 20th century, several tens of machines were produced every week at the Saverne workshops which also had their own forge.

Becoming German in 1871, then French again in 1918, KUHN was a regional company working essentially for Alsatian agriculture.

After a decade of growth, the Second World War brought development to a sudden halt.

In 1945, financially weakened and having lost many of its customers, the company went in search of a partner to be able to continue its activities...

1828Joseph KUHN, a small blacksmith from a neighbouring village of Saverne, begins to manufacture weighing equipment..

1864Assisted by his brothers, Joseph KUHN diversifies into the production of agricultural machinery. Buildings are constructed on the site where the factory still stands today, alongside the Strasbourg-Paris railway line.

1921Special workshops are built to accommodate an assembly line for threshing machines. Their quality established Kuhn’s excellent reputation.

1928Kuhn celebrates its 100th anniversary and produces on average 1000 threshing machines per year.
The production of mowers, tedders and tedder-rake combinations steadily increases.

1945The factory re-starts production after interruption during the Second World War.

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