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Gladiator Yield Studies

Independent strip-till studies have been conducted across the United States comparing strip-tillage practices to other conventional and no-till practices. The results of each study are listed below.

Iowa - Corn Bushels per Acre
No-Till vs No-Till 28% P&K vs Strip-Till NP&K Band

Rippey, Iowa - Corn Bushels per Acre
Conventional vs No-Till vs Strip-Till

Janesville, WI - Corn Bushels per Acre
Conventional vs No-Till vs Strip-Till

Maryland - Corn Yield Effects from Nitrogen Application
Conventional vs No-Till

Minnesota 3-year Average - Corn Bushels per Acre
No-Till vs Conventional Till vs Strip-Till

North Dakota State University - Carrington Corn Yield
Conventional vs No-Till vs
Strip Till Fall vs Strip Till Spring

Purdue University - Corn Bushels per Acre
Broadcast Urea vs Injected NH3

Purdue University - Corn Yield Effects from P&K Application
Chisel vs No-Till

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Rippey,Iowa-Corn Bushels per Acre.pdfAttachment
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Maryland-Corn Yield Effects from Nitogen Application.pdfAttachment
Minnesota 3-Yr-Avg Corn buPerAcre.pdfAttachment
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Purdue University-Corn BuPerAcre.pdfAttachment
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