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Soil Conditioning

There is One Chance to Maximize Yield Potential!

Soil conditioning to prepare the optimum environment for planting is essential for the crop to reach its maximum yield potential. Kuhn Krause's 5635 Series Field Cultivator creates the ideal seedbed condition by:

    · Uniform cultivation with the Split-the-Middle sweep pattern results in better seed-to-soil contact
    · Uniform tillage depth for consistent moisture conditions within the tillage profile results in even stand germination and emergence
    · Smooth, level seedbed surface for reduced plant unit bounce provides more consistent seed spacing and planting depth
    · Earlier warming of soil in the spring widens planting window.

Split-the-Middle Sweep Placement Creates the Perfect Seedbed

    · The first three ranks of shanks till the full sweep width, while the fourth and fifth ranks till the middles.
    · 6" shank spacing provides maximum tillage action and uniform mixing of soil, residue and herbicides throughout the tillage profile.
    · 132" of front to rear frame clearance gives the cultivator the ability to efficiently handle high residue.

Seedbed Conditions Influence Yield

Seedbed condition is a management factor that affects crop yields. For maximum yield potential, it's critical to get plants off to an early and uniform start.

· Good seed-to-soil contact is critical for uniform germination.
· Leveling the seedbed is important to achieve optimum planter performance, uniform seed spacing and germination.
· Seedbeds need to be uniformly firm. This ensures that the maximum number of seeds uptake soil moisture at the same time.

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