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Internship and Co-op Program




Discover Kuhn through an internship / Co-op

A work placement could be your first experience in the working world. We offer a wide range of interesting positions adapted to your qualifications. During your placement, you will be advised and accompanied by a mentor.

We take on more than 150 trainees in the Group every year, on work placements in all departments, up to post-graduate level as well as young farmers who are setting-up or trainees who are changing careers.

Bryan Rowntree


"An internship at Kuhn was a valuable experience and an important part of my academic career because it allowed me to see engineering from a real world application standpoint—an experience you cannot get from coursework alone. Working in Product Evaluation, I was hands-on every day, either in the test lab or on the farm, by evaluating designs and machines and feeding that information back to the design group to improve the product. When it came time to interview after graduation, the hiring process was far less stressful as both the Company and I knew what to expect from each other and there were no surprises. The internship experience confirmed my career choice early on and provided a great background for my current role in the design of vertical feed mixers.

Bryan Rowntree
Graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Systems Engineering – Machinery Systems
2011 Product Evaluation Intern

Megan Wolfe


"I took an interesting route to an internship, I had already graduated college but wanted to learn more about Kuhn North America and get a foot in the door. The location, business and industry fit everything I was looking for in a career. Through the marketing internship, I gained hands-on knowledge of the different marketing programs used and internal communications at Kuhn. Upon completing the internship, I started full-time using the same programs I had been recently trained on. It was a great way to transition into a career and have a detailed overview of the Company. As for the internship, I was able to work on internal communications and see the magnitude of marketing not only on a customer level but within the company as well. It was an exciting summer as I was able to help with the dealer convention and meet dealers and Territory Managers that I now work with on a daily basis."

Megan Wolfe
Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness
2014 Marketing Communications Intern

Matt Schenk


"I had a great experience while interning with KNA, as I had the opportunity to work with many great individuals among several departments. I learned about many aspects of the agricultural industry, such as, product research and development, manufacturing and sales. It was very interesting to gain an increased understanding of the industry as well as gain skills that can be applied to a variety of sectors outside of the agricultural implement industry. My internship at KNA helped prepare me for the real world by instilling in me an improved sense of professionalism, communication and an advanced understanding of the agricultural machinery industry. Following graduation in May of 2012, I was hired on full-time as a Sales Support Specialist, with my primary responsibilities including order management and technical sales assistance."

Matt Schenk
Graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business
2011 Product Management Inter

Dennis Williams


"The internship was very eye opening to me because I found out it was possible to work for a large scale agricultural implement company that had a very desirable small company atmosphere. As a product support intern at the regional distribution center in Vernon, N.Y., I was able to get a great idea of how the company operates in many aspects ranging from receiving and distribution of parts and machines, to the support of the finished products that I now have a hand in designing. As a Design Engineer in the hay tools technology segment of KNA, my main role is to design the latest and greatest in hay tools technology. I spend the majority of my time designing new products and working with other engineers on projects."

Dennis Williams
Graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering
2012 Product Support Intern

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