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Rake in the Cash

Save on select new rotary rakes with Kuhn North America's Rake in the Cash program.

Rake in the Cash is available for the machines listed below.

Want to know more about each machine? Click on the model number to go to a product's page.

Rotary Rakes
$300 off GA 300 GM & 3200 GT models
• $600 off GA 4731 GTH & 5031 GTH models
• $750 off GA 4220 TH & 4221 GTH models
• $1,000 off GA 4521 GTH, 6002, 6501, 6632 & 7501 models
• $1,250 off GA 7932, 8121 & 8731 models
• $1,500 off GA 9032 model

Program Details
Download and print the Rake in the Cash coupon from the Attached Files box in the right-hand menu of this page. Then take the coupon to your
closest KUHN dealer. After you’ve made your best deal on one of the new rotary rakes listed above, use this coupon for additional cash off your purchase. Your dealer will honor the value of this coupon on your bill of sale. This Rake in the Cash coupon is a discount towards your purchase of a new KUHN rotary rake. It’s above and beyond the offer you receive from your dealer.

This offer expires on June 29, 2018.

Dealer Finder

Attached files
2018 RakeinCash US.pdfAttachment
2018 RakeinCash CANEN.pdfAttachment





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