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Wrap up a Deal

Save on new KUHN bale
wrappers with Wrap Up A Deal!

- $2,000 off RW 1110, SW 1114 & SW 1614 models
- $3,500 off RW 1100, RW
1410, & RW 1610 models
- $6,000 off SW
4014 model
- $7,500 off SW 4004 model

Program Details
Download and print the "Wrap up a Deal" coupon from the Attached Files box in the right-hand menu of this page. Take this coupon to your dealer and
make your best deal on any new KUHN bale wrapper. Your dealer will honor the value of this coupon on your bill of sale.

This offer expires on June 29, 2018.

Dealer Finder

Attached files
WrapperCoupon US.pdfAttachment
WrapperCoupon CANEN.pdfAttachment





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