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Fertilizer Spreaders

The Kuhn range of fertilizer spreaders adapt to all types of applications, including spreading fertilizer across open fields, along field edges, in vineyards, and in orchards as well as other fertilizer applications. Convenient placement of controls allows adjustments to be made away from the spreading discs. Contact with the discs, covered in corrosive fertilizers is not necessary. High flow rates of up to 1,100 pounds per minute provide high work rates of over 500 pounds per acre at over 12 miles per hour.

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreaders
Axis 30.2 Q
Axis 40.2 H-EMC-W
Axis 40.2 H-EMC
Axis 50.2 H-EMC-W
MDS 10.1
MDS 12.1
MDS 17.1
MDS 19.1
Broadcast Fertilizer Spreaders Trailed
AXENT 100.1


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