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Mower Conditioners

Kuhn not only invented the disc cutterbar but also pioneered the disc mower conditioner. Whether you are cutting and conditioning grass or alfalfa, Kuhn offers many models to meet your cutting and conditioning needs. Since the introduction of the FingerComb conditioning system 25 years ago, Kuhn has provided farmers with crop conditioning systems that offer versatility and ease of adjustment necessary to match ever-changing field conditions. Another key feature on all of Kuhn’s FC disc mower conditioners is the advanced suspension systems. With today’s increased harvesting speeds, minimum tillage techniques and field conditions, the demands on a mower conditioner’s suspension system can be extreme.

Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners
FC 284 D
FC 314 D
Front Mounted Disc Mower Conditioners
FC 3125 DF
FC 3525 DF
Center Pivot Disc Mower Conditioner
FC 3160 TCD
FC 3160 TCR
FC 3160 TCS
FC 3560 TCD
FC 3560 TCR
FC 3560 TCS
FC 4060 TCD
FC 4060 TCR
FC 4060 TCS
FC 4460 TCD
FC 4460 TCR
FC 4460 TCS
Side Pull Disc Mower Conditioner
FC 2860 TLD
FC 2860 TLR
FC 2860 TLS
FC 3160 TLD
FC 3160 TLR
FC 3160 TLS
FC 3560 TLD
FC 3560 TLR
FC 3560 TLS
Triple Head Disc Mower Conditioners
FC 813 R
FC 10030 D
FC 8830 D


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