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Kuhn, the inventor and leading innovator of disc-cutting technology, has produced over 650,000 cutterbars since inventing the disc mower over 40 years ago. Kuhn offers many choices for large or small operations to meet your hay-cutting needs. The Kuhn cutterbar is joined to frame and suspension systems that have been engineered to exceed the requirements of today’s increasing horsepower and greater acreages. The low profile cutterbar, fitted with heavy-duty discs and skids, cuts at a flat angle for a faster, smoother cut.

Front Mounted Disc Mowers
GMD 3125 F
GMD 3525 F
Select Economy Disc Mowers
GMD 16
GMD 20
GMD 24
GMD 28
Trailed Disc Mowers
GMD 2850 TL
GMD 2851 TL
GMD 3150 TL
GMD 3151 TL
GMD 3550 TL
GMD 3551 TL
GMD 4050 TL
GMD 4051 TL
GMD 5251 TC
Triple Head Disc Mowers
GMD 10030
GMD 8730
Horizontal Fold Disc Mowers
GMD 3510
GMD 4010
GMD 4410
Vertical Fold Disc Mowers
GMD 350
GMD 240
GMD 280
GMD 310
Mounted Drum Mowers
PZ 170


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