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SpecificationsINTERCEPTOR 8050-20INTERCEPTOR 8050-25INTERCEPTOR 8050-30OPTIMER+ 303OPTIMER+ 403OPTIMER+ 4003OPTIMER+ 5003OPTIMER+ 6003OPTIMER+ 7503Specifications
Working width (m)---344567.5Working width (m)
Transport width (m)---343333Transport width (m)
Disc diameter (mm)---510510510510510510Disc diameter (mm)
Number of discs---243232404848Number of discs
Working speed (km/h)---between 7 and 15between 7 and 15between 7 and 15between 7 and 15between 7 and 15-Working speed (km/h)
Weight (kg)---167022904400482552005500Weight (kg)
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW)---110147147184221166Maximum authorised tractor power (kW)
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp)---150200200250300225Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp)
Working width (m)5,87,38,8------Working width (m)
Working width (feet)19'24'29'------Working width (feet)
Coulter size (cm)55.8855.8855.88------Coulter size (cm)
Coulter size (in)22"22"22"------Coulter size (in)
Transport width (m)4.145------Transport width (m)
Transport width (feet)13'5"13'16'5"------Transport width (feet)
Transport Height (m) Height (m)
Transport Height (feet)11'5"13'5"14'------Transport Height (feet)
Number of sections333------Number of sections
Frame typeFoldingFoldingFolding------Frame type
Weight (kg)8349992711430------Weight (kg)
Weight (lb)184072188525200------Weight (lb)
Maximum working depth (cm)12.712.712.7------Maximum working depth (cm)
Working depth (max.) (inches)5"5"5"------Working depth (max.) (inches)
Tractor Power (kW)between 193 and 224between 242 and 280between 291 and 336------Tractor Power (kW)
Tractor Power (hp)between 260 and 300between 325 and 375between 390 and 450------Tractor Power (hp)




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