50 years of innovation Disc Mower

Over the last 50 years, KUHN has contributed to the developments and innovations of disc mowers and mower conditioners, and continues to do so:

  • A number of patents have been filed and KUHN strives to provide innovative solutions for farmers across the world.
  • Promoting forage quality, ease of use, productivity, safety, reliability and reducing maintenance costs are all key factors that KUHN aims to provide with each machine.

Maximize the profitability of your equipment and its return on investment

We offer mowers that have been designed, developed and produced entirely by KUHN...

...down to the finest details, to guarantee that the machine you buy is of the highest quality.


Helping you to produce quality forage

Producing good quality forage for a herd while reducing production costs is a key challenge for today’s farmers.

KUHN's product development teams are constantly working to find solutions that retain forage quality, using cutting edge technology, engineering and quality materials. 'Reducing forage contamination from 4% to 2% can save you $40.64/ac/year*

*source : Landwirtschaftkammer Niedersachsen.

Produce clean cut forage without impurities!

Oval discs facilitate forage flow to the rear, preventing overlapping which can lead to forage loss.

The Optidisc® cutterbar optimizes forage flow, especially with large volumes and at high speeds, due to wider spaced converging discs. This also contributes to improving mowing quality in difficult conditions. Reduced spacing between diverging discs increases overlap between the blades resulting in a cleaner cut.

Perfect ground contour following

The different suspension systems and clever kinetics of the disc mowers provide perfect ground contour following thanks to:

Prevent forage contamination and optimize ground pressure

Mowers with Lift-Control hydro pneumatic suspension benefit from constant, easily adjustable ground pressure, keeping your forage clean from impurities.


Adapt conditioning intensity

The wide setting range of the DigiDry® finger conditioner (multiple possibilities with rotation speed and comb position) makes it easier to adapt conditioning intensity to the type of forage, crop maturity and weather conditions.

For more delicate crops use the Diamond Block® rubber or DoubleCrimp™ steel conditioning rollers. It is pressure adjustable to preserve the leaves of leguminous plants.

Calibrate your swaths

Forage delivery can be adapted to suit humidity levels and weather conditions. Wide spreading aids faster drying and a narrow swath delivery prevents the wheels of the tractor flattening the forage.

FC 3160 TLD

Our expertise

High quality spare parts

Components such as discs and skids are essential for a high quality cut and therefore they are integrally manufactured at KUHN. Once shaped they undergo specific treatments to harden them to abrasion resistant standards, as well as prodcing the optimum anti-vibration shape. Knife features (quality of steel and treatments, shape, resistance to deformation due to violent impacts and wear) are also one of our priorities, for both your safety and profitability.

FC 3160 TLD

Assembly and quality control

Once produced, individual parts undergo many checks before being sent to the assembly line. At the end of the line, each cutterbar is put through a functional check (operating temperature, bearing temperature, power requirement). At the end of the assembly line, powertrains and hydraulic and electric circuits are controlled on the machine and large sub-sections.

A fully assembled machine is pulled out of each series produced, to undergo intensive driving tests on the road, on pathways and in the field before being taken apart for appraisal.

FC 3160 TLD

Bringing you more working comfort

Maneuver safely

The Gyrodine® headstock that trailed mower conditioners and mowers are equipped with is the perfect illustration of this.

It enables you to work at high speeds in total safety. Even in the tightest of angles and at full speed, the main transmission is always aligned with the tractor and protected.

Mow with peace of mind

GMD mowers and FC mower conditioners with Lift-Control come with an active “non stop” safety system.

Should the machine meet an obstacle, the mower unit pivots upwards towards the rear, to avoid it. It then returns to the working position as soon as the obstacle has been cleared.

Change knives in the blink of an eye

The Fast-Fit® system is available on most KUHN mowers and mower conditioners. Changing knives safely takes no time at all!

Our expertise

Precision pinion cutting and heat treatment

The cutterbar is a genuine precision mechanism that is subjected to difficult conditions: intensive and long operations, high-powered tractors, highly uneven ground, mowing components very close to the ground and likely to meet obstacles. Cutterbars, disc bearings and gearwheels are essential parts that undergo high precision machining, various phases of heat treatment, followed by intense levels of quality control. For example, this has enabled us to offer the widest cutterbar on the current market (17ft) that does not need oil changes.

Taillage des pignons et traitement thermique

Lengthening the service life of your mower

In addition to the Lift-Control suspension system, other systems protect the vital components of the mower or mower conditioner to extend the life of your machine.

The vital components are protected

In case of a sharp impact between a disc and an obstacle, the disc shaft will shear just above the bearing, thanks to an integrated shear groove.

The Protectadrive® system protects the gearwheels. The savings are huge: in less than 15 minutes the machine can be back up and running at a low repair cost.

Less vibrations

Latest generation disc mowers are equipped with shock absorbers between the cutterbar and the chassis. They reduce vibrations effectively, especially at higher speeds and contribute to a longer machine life.

Des vibrations mieux filtrées

Flexible side guards

KUHN’s newest disc mowers and mower conditioners have FlexProtect™ polythene side guards that bend without breaking and without damaging the machine if hit by an obstacle.

Des protections latérales flexibles

Our expertise


Having the foundry enables us to provide the farmer with innovative technical components. The chassis is linked to the cutterbar with a flat angle bracket in SG quality cast iron (spheroidal graphite, similar to steel) and equipped with silent-blocs to reduce vibrations caused by fast mowing on hard ground. It also reduces wear and constraints in the cutterbar support zone.

Fonderie intégrée

Specific bearings

Mowing conditions vary throughout the world, therefore we need to be able to offer advanced technical solutions with components such as cutterbar bearings. Unlike many bearing manufacturers we are able to offer key elements including lubrication quality, better sealing, abrasion resistance, reduced clearance and high rotation speed.

Fonderie intégrée

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KUHN, The pioneer

In 1949, KUHN decided to move to mechanical traction and began to manufacture tailored machines. They soon became one of the first agricultural machinery manufacturers in France to modernize agricultural practices. The first mechanical traction mowers were side mounted, with finger bars.

  1. 1960’s: Pioneer in agricultural development

    A number of innovations and product launches took place within this period.

    Innovation and quality were the main priorities while gaining recognition within the agricultural machinery sector.

    More than 26,000 machines were produced each year in KUHN Saverne, France, including:
    - 12,000 side finger mowers.
    - 9,500 tedders and rakes.

  2. 1967: Pioneer and expert in disc mowers

    KUHN launched the GMD 4 – the first rotating disc mower.

    This machine allowed increased working speed, improved operator comfort and maintenance..

    The GMD 4 disc mower rapidly became the world leader.

  3. Mid 1970’s: mower conditioner combinations were introduced.

    The new FC 44 rotors with steel finger bars allowed the forage to be cut and directed towards an adjustable comb.

    This enhanced forage quality, created more uniform swaths and improved the drying process.

  4. 1980’s: KUHN, the pioneer of new techniques

    KUHN launched its first trailed mower conditioner.

    The FC 300 provided great maneuverability along with a high level of operator comfort.

  5. 1992: KUHN introduced the ALTERNA 500

    The first trailed mower conditioner with in line transport.

    This machine also helped to support the demands of a high work output with a 16 foot working width.

  6. 1994: Development of the Lift-Control system

    For the GMD mowers and the FC mower conditioners

    The system improves ground contour following due to a consistant cutterbar pressure on the ground. Maintenance costs are also reduced with an integrated safety mechanism.

  7. 1999: GMD 100 Series GII

    New frame kinematics for new rear-mounted mowers 600-700-800 GII.

    More working comfort. Reduced maintenance.

  8. 2005: Optidisc® cutterbar

    For working widths of over 13 ft.

    - Clean cut due to larger overlap between diverging knives.
    - Improved forage flow with the wider spaced converging discs.
    - No oil change required.

  9. 2008: GMD 1020 F light mowers

    For mountainous areas

    The Optidisc® cutterbar, with its exclusive design, is integrated into the new range of mowers destined for “mountain tractors."

  10. 2011: FC 1060 Mower-conditioners

    With new finger and roller conditioners

    - Numerous forage delivery choices: wide spreading, swath.
    - Maneuverability with Gyrodine® headstock.
    - Maximum ease of adjustment.
    - Reduced maintenance.
    - Conditioning rotor drive safety system.

  11. 2015: New front-mounted FC-GMD 1025 F and FC-GMD 1030 rear mowers

    Designed for intensive operations.

    - Exceptional ground hugging capacity.
    - Adapted to the different shapes of the various tractor ranges.
    - Excellent visibility.
    - Very easy settings and conditioner drive by gearbox.
    - Lift-Control hydropneumatic suspension.

  12. 2017: New TRIPLE 5 knives

    Lengthen the average service life of your knives by a factor of 5

    - Maintenance costs reduced significantly.
    - Improved flow to the rear when mowing heavy forage.

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