Disc Mower Saving Time For Waters


Paul Waters has been in the hay business for about 15 years. When he decided he needed a bigger and better mower to get the job done right, he, like most people, started asking around for advice among the people he trusts most – his friends.

"I was looking for something a little bigger because I was trying to save time,” Waters says. A friend had been using the 10-foot GMD 313 TG model of Kuhn’s trailed disc mowers and really liked it, giving it a great review.

Waters purchased a Kuhn GMD 4050 TL trailed disc mower, which has a 13-foot cutting width, and has been using it for one growing season and loves it.

“It’s an excellent product,” Waters says. “It saves a lot of time.”

With Waters’ hay operation he and a couple employees run about 500 acres of mostly Coastal grass in northcentral Florida, around Lake City. They get four cuttings a year, with the hay season running from May through November.

Waters says his employees have been positive about the Kuhn disc mower, as well.

“It cuts down on time, so we can get a lot more done. I can lay a lot more hay on the ground with that mower than I can get up in a day,” he says.

Most of Waters’ hay goes to supply his two feed supply stores – Westside Feed, located in Jacksonville and Lake Butler, Fla. The stores have been in business for about 17 years, with Waters owning and operating them for the past 10 years. His hay is primarily sold to horse farms. Florida’s horse industry ranks third in the nation for equine industries, with 70 percent of its horses used for competition – there’s a strong demand for good horse hay there. Florida’s horse industry has about a $7 billion impact on the state’s economy annually.

Waters is enthusiastic about his choice in purchasing the Kuhn GMD 4050 TL trailed disc mower. With other mowers he says he’s gone through blades rather quickly.

“The blades last a lot longer with the Kuhn mower,” he says.

Plus, with the 13-foot mowing width he saves on fuel expense because he doesn’t have to run it as long. His previous mower only had a 9-foot cutting width, so with all sectors of farming having tight margins, Waters was especially pleased to learn he wouldn’t need a larger tractor to utilize the 13-foot mower.

“I’m pulling it with the same size tractor that I was pulling the other one with. There’s a lot more cutting width on this one. It’s just a great product,” he shares.

On the rare occasion he’s needed a part or repair, Ho-Bo Tractor Company, out of Lake City, Fla., has been right there to get him going again.

“They’re awesome,” Waters says. “Very good people to work with. I never have to have a down moment with something torn up. They get me back up and going again right away.”