Rotary Rakes Designed to Meet Your Needs

/ Twin-Rotor Rotary Rakes /

GA 8030 / GA 9030 / GA 8731 / GA 9531

Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and placing it neatly into the windrow. This raking action allows the hay to be raked damp and dry down completely in the windrow.

Key features

  • exclusive double-curved tine arms

  • adjustable tine height and swath curtain

  • standard bogIE axles

  • long, flexible tines

  • flexible raking

Tine arms for high quality raking results

The hyper-tangential tine arms provide cleaner raking, improved windrow formation and increased raking speeds when compared to other tine arm mounting designs. They eliminate the need for additional tine arms, adjustable tine arms and adjustable cams.

New Rotor Drive:

The Masterdrive GIII gearbox has an industry exclusive two-stage reduction drive. The second spur-gear drive has little tilt because there are considerably smaller clearances between gears. This increases durability of the whole assembly.

/ Key benefits /

  • Clean raking without roping

  • easy adjustments to match crop conditions

  • smoother operation over irregular terrain

  • gentle raking with minimum leaf damage

  • combine windrows to match harvesting capacity